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Key features

Easy back pain relief

The brace will help you get rid of back pain, neck and shoulders pain.Also, it will improve bad posture with a gentle resistance that promotes long-term muscle memory to straighten up automatically.

Posture improvement

Wearing our posture corrector will help fix the hard-to-break habit of slouching and hunching.


Designed for all day comfort and made of high quality materials.

Easy to use

Wearing backposture corrector step 1
Step One

Put your left hand through the loop of the shoulder strap as shown in the picture. Lift the front of the buckle with your other hand while tightening-tightening only one buckle at a time.

Wearing backposture corrector step 2
Step Two

Push your left arm through the loop of the shoulder strap as if you were putting on a backpack. As is shown in the second picture.

Wearing backposture corrector step 3
Step Three

After you complete the second step you can pull each tightening strap and hold with the other hand the buckle to adjust the Back Posture Corrector for your size. If the posture dig under your armpits, you can add the pads to be more comfortable.

Wearing backpostureecorrector step 4
Step Four

Posture corrector is ready to use now. If you are satisfied with the fit of Posture, you can feed the Pull Loop through the padding loops to stop it from dangling.


Results visible after one month

Week One

Wear Back Posture Corrector for 15-30 minutes per day for your accommodation. May feel some discomfort in the region of your arms and neck.

Week Two

We advise you to add 20 minutes each day. You will still accommodate with it and maybe you feel a slight discomfort. It's normal to feel that because the posture corrector works on your body.

Week Three

After 2 weeks of accommodation you should feel your muscles changed in a way. Posture Corrector starts to make its effects more and more. In this period you can wear it for 5 hours a day.

Week Four

From week 4, you can wear the Posture Corrector between 5 to 8 hours per day. You will observe signs of strengthening of your back. It is important to wear it until your back is straight.

Image of evolution in time of back posture corrector.

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